Saturday, 3 November 2012

And So Here We Are!

And so here we are, Felicity and I have commenced our own blog!

Welcome to Thomayne - we hope to share our creative imagery here with you as regularly as possible. 

We are moving away from facebook due to the way that facebook limited our exposure through restricting who would see our posts.

And honestly, that is fine - because it has brought us here, where boundaries are dissolved and we can do what we want. 

We hope you enjoy our blog, and encourage you to follow us. We will make it worth your while - we promise!

We are all over the net. You can find us on redbubble (our photographic portfolio) and Etsy (paintings and works on paper). We are also on twitter and have a portfolio on deviantart. And yes, we are still on facebook, although for how long is anyone's guess. 

So it seems we are well and truly jacked in

Thank you to everyone for your support, we appreciate it as always.

Dickson and Felicity.

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