Friday, 9 November 2012

Developing Online Presence

Facebook Versus Blogging

Felicity and I recently re-evaluated how we make our online presence more effective.

Being artists, our main focus should be in what we create, rather than how we should present it to the world.

Previously, we spent a solid twelve months attempting to build a network on Facebook.

Halfway into the year, Facebook rolled out the ‘Promote Your Post’ feature which has had a significant impact on our exposure on our Thomayne page. Since then, our appreciation of Facebook has diminished considerably and been replaced with disdain.

Over a period of several months, we started noticing a ‘levelling off’ of our network exposure. As people who are less than impressed with our limited time being needlessly wasted, it came to a point where we decided to walk away from Facebook and focus our attention on a more productive outlet.

For those who do not manage a Facebook page, Facebook has made changes where only a very small percentage (I believe it to be approx. 30%) of your followers see your updates on their news feed. Facebook have done this in the hope that you will be happy to make payments to receive the exposure you previously received for free.

In response to a barrage of criticism, Facebook repeatedly stated that they limit updates in this manner in order to stop people’s news feeds from being bombarded with posts.

So, it seems that they are apparently looking out for our best interests. But contradictorily, in return for a hefty payment, they are willing to forget about our best interests and return that exposure.

On our news feed, I noticed people complaining about the lack of exposure due to the Facebook restraints. So it seems we are not the only ones disappointed with the service.

Upon talking to a friend who is more social media adept than I am, I decided that creating this blog and starting off a fresh account on Twitter was the way to go.

And so here we are. I guess only time will tell whether it will be successful or not. But I can say so far - so good.

I am interested in what your thoughts are on this, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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