Monday, 5 November 2012

Weatherboard Series

Art from Recycled Materials

There have been plenty of times as an artist where I have not been in a financial position to purchase canvases in order to paint.

One Saturday, Felicity and I jumped in the car and did a 'hard rubbish run'. For the uninitiated, in suburban Melbourne, residents put their hard rubbish out on the front foot path for the local council to collect and dispose of. This can include anything from fridges and furniture, to industrial off cuts and general rubbish. Anyway, off we drove around our suburb to see what we could find. On this particular occasion, I fond some pine board from a chest of drawers, and a few other items (which will show up on here later). 

I wanted to recycle the wood, that would have otherwise ended up rotting in a pile of waste. So, being someone who loves urban art, I decided that I would make use of the recycled pine boards and 'weather them' in my own unique way. 

To achieve this, I hard to gouge some marks and use some bitumen. Then it was time to paint and whitewash the wood to give the pieces some subtle colour and texture. I then burnt it back with the heat gun, wearing away the paint and bitumen and starting all over again.

The nature of urban life is central to these pieces, which can be seen through the industrial, age worn, weathered appearance.

These are relatively small, easy to hang pieces, which would look good as a full series, as twins, or as singular pieces.

If purchased as a set of four, we will provide a special discount - and the total price will be reduced to $330.00 (A saving of $62!).

 Weatherboard I - Purchase - $98.00

 Weatherboard II - Purchase - $98.00

 Weatherboard III - Purchase - $98.00

Weatherboard IV - Purchase - $98.00

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